2015 Annual Club Meeting

Tuesday 9/1/15 at Hathaway Park in Washougal, WA

4pm for open play and 6pm for the meeting.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Mike Hoxie

President Columbia River Pickleball Club



Pickleball: The Fastest-Growing Sport in America

This was a great video if you missed if on Facebook…



2013 CONGRATULATIONS to all Nationals V medalists

The fifth National Pickleball Championships were held November 11-17, 2013, in Buckeye, Arizona. This was my third year to attend the Nationals and each year it has grown in both size and level of play. This year there were 640 players representing 39 states and 5 countries. The average level of play is amazingly high at Nationals so every match is a challenge even for the top players.

Columbia River Pickleball Club had 5 women and 6 men entered in various events. There are no skill levels at Nationals, only Open and Age Level play. Our group of 11 came home with 10 medals, 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze. This was a great result against the best players in the world.

CRPC Results:
Rosalie Knutsen: Silver in 75+ Women’s Singles and Doubles
Che Cui: Silver in 50+ Women’s Doubles with Trish Graham
Chris Barksdale: Gold in 19+ Mixed Doubles with Wes Gabrielson
Steve Paranto: Gold in 55+ Men’s Doubles with Randy Bither and Silver in 55+ Mixed Doubles with Sheila Schoonover
Randy Bither: Gold in 55+ Men’s Doubles with Steve Paranto
Enrique Ruiz: Gold in Open Men’s Singles, Bronze in Open Mixed Doubles with Lydia Willis, and Bronze in Open Men’s Doubles with Steve Wong


(If the link above will not work, try this generic link http://nationals.usapa.org/ )


Last club shirt order for 2013

Great news, just in time for yourself or a Christmas gift!

Shirts will be available for order from now until November 30th, and will be in before Christmas.

All styles will be available in two colors, Sport Grey or Irish Green (a bright, clear green). All the shirts will have a large CRPC logo on the back and a small logo on the front chest area. T Shirts in both colors will be in dryblend fabric as well as the long sleeved T Shirt in grey. The green long sleeved T shirt and hoodys in both colors will in ultra cotton.

Styles, sizes and cost are below. You can order by sending an email to wolfemike@aol.com. Please be sure to include ALL INFORMATION NEEDED: style, size, color and number of each. We will keep a record of all orders and you will be notified when the shirts arrive and the amount owed. You can pay when you pick up your shirts either by cash (please have exact amount) or check, made out to Columbia River Pickleball Club.


GREY T Shirt (dryblend) S-4XL $10
GREY Long Sleeve T Shirt (dryblend) S-5XL $15
GREY Full Zip Hoody (ultra cotton) S-2XL $30
GREEN T Shirt (dryblend) S-4XL $10
GREEN Long Sleeve T Shirt (ultra cotton) S-5XL $15
GREEN Full Zip Hoody (ultra cotton) S-2XL $30


Successful Pickleball Clinic held at Club Green Meadows

The Pickleball Clinic held at Club Green Meadows today was a huge success. Kudos to Steve Paranto and all his helpers for a job well done.

The clinic was attended by approximately 60 players to which Steve and company demonstrated basic pickleball skills and then allowed all participants to practice those skills. He followed up with some simple drills to improve basic skills.

Club members came from near and far. Sally Newsom and Sonny Jones rode their BMW motorcycle over 400 miles from Eureka, California to attend the clinic. They have started a pickleball group in their area and are taking back information to help improve skills.

Special thanks to Steve’s able assistant, Lala Climaco, who helped with organizing the event. Thank you also to Randy Bither, Jim Cessna, Paul Porch and Dave McCormick, very high level players who demonstrated their superb skills to the group.

Columbia River Pickleball Club hopes to have many more clinics. They will likely be on a smaller scale and will take place at various venues. These smaller events will be published on the web site and also announced by email.

Thank you to all the attendees. If you have not yet entered the upcoming Pickle Barrel Classic, get it done. Remember this tournament caters to the beginner player as well as the advanced. It may be the best tournament possible for entry level players. We guarantee a good time or you will get a full refund on request. The more entry level players we have the better the competition for those players.

To enter the Pickle Barrel Classic 2013: http://www.pickleballtournaments.com Look for the club logo. If you have any questions or problems contact Mike Wolfe: 360-335-1333 wolfemike@aol.com
CGM Clinic1

CGM Clinic2

CGM Clinic3

CGM Clinic4

CGM Clinic5


TOURNAMENT RESULTS – CRPC July and August 2013


(You can view full tournament results by going to either http://www.Pickleballtournaments.com or
http://www.USAPA.ORG) Pictures are attached in the pdf file

Washington State Senior Games
This tournament was held in Lakewood, WA, July 27-28, 2013. Columbia River Pickleball Club members garnered 27 of the 98 total medals, 19 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

Women’s Singles:
Lala Climaco 2nd in 55-59

Women’s Doubles:
Laurel Merca and Lala Climaco 1st 50-54
Mitsu Clark and Noko Lee 1st 60-64

Men’s Singles:
Steve Paranto 2nd 55-59
Mike Wolfe 1st 65-69
Ron Simcox 1st 75-59

Men’s Doubles:
Randy Bither and Steve Paranto 1st 55-59
Paul Porch and Hunter Duvall 3rd 55-59
Mike Wolfe and Lance Thiede 1st 65-69
Ron Stimcox and Bob Ferguson 2nd 70-74

Mixed Doubles:
Tom Grubb and Laurel Merca 1st 50-54
Steve Paranto and Lala Climaco 1st 55-59
Mike Wolfe and Mitsu Clark 1st 60-64
Paul Porch and Sam Minkoff 3rd 60-64
Lance Thiede and Noko Lee 1st 65-69
Ron Simcox and Rosalie Knutsen 1st 75-79



Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament – August 2-4, 2013

Women’s Singles:
Kim Tollenaar 3rd 3.5
Chris Barksdale 1st 5.0

Women’s Doubles:
Lala Climaco and Priscilla Scott 1st 4.0
Christine Barksdale and Kimberly Bennett 1st 5.0

Men’s Singles:
Vince Torres 2nd 3.5
Tony Tollenaar 1st 4.5
Enrique Ruiz 2nd 5.0
Steve Paranto 3rd 5.0

Men’s Doubles:
Kurtis Campbell and Kent Campbell 1st 4.5
Mike Wolfe and AJ Fraties 3rd 4.5
Enrique Ruiz and Justin Rogers 1st 5.0
Steve Paranto and Wes Gabrielson 2nd 5.0
Jim Cessna and Tony Tollenaar 3rd 5.0

Mixed Doubles:
Mike Wolfe and Mary Ortman 2nd 4.5
Christine Barksdale and Wes Gabrielson 1st 5.0
Enrique Ruiz and Gigi LeMaster 2nd 5.0


Rally In The Valley – Albany, OR – August 16-18, 2013

Women’s Singles:
Lala Climaco 2nd 4.5

Women’s Doubles:
Rosalie Knutsen and Rey Wanamaker 3rd 3.0
Chris Barksdale and Chiho Cronk 2nd 5.0
Caryn McComas and Cookie Drake 3rd 5.0

Men’s Singles:
Dave McCormick 1st 4.0Steve Paranto 2nd 5.0
Tony Tollenaar 3rd 5.0

Men’s Doubles:
Kent Campbell and Kurtis Campbell 3rd 4.5
Steve Paranto and Wes Gabrielson 1st 5.0
Tony Tollenaar and Mike Rains 2nd 5.0

Mixed Doubles:
Tangi Garcia and John Morey 1st 3.0
Carl Tuttle and Karen Bolton 2nd 3.0
Kim Tollenaar and Tony Tollenaar 3rd 4.5
Chris Barksdale and Wes Gabrielson 1st 5.0
Enrique Ruiz and Cookie Drake 2nd 5.0
Paul Porch and Hoagie Hoggatt 3rd 5.0




Pickleball Clinic at Club Green Meadows 8/31


On Saturday, August 31, there will be a Pickleball Clinic at Club Green Meadows, 7703 N.E. 72nd Avenue, Vancouver.  This is free and open to club members only. (Those members who are not also members of Club Green Meadows will have to pay the $5 pickleball drop-in fee.)  
The clinic will begin at 8:00 AM and go for an estimated 2 hours, after which there will be open play.  No sign up is necessary,  just plan to be on the far courts by 8.
The clinic is being directed by Steve Paranto who will have the help of several highly skilled players from our club.  This clinic may help take your game to the next level regardless of your current skills.
Here is a list of topics which may be covered:
   Service technique
   Return of Serve and Ground Strokes
   Volley technique
   Dinking, net play
   Baseline Dink or “3rd Shot”
   Overhead Smash
   Doubles positions
   Keeping opponents back
   How to get to the net
   Strategies-Beginner to Advanced
   How to Referee and keep score
   How to use the scoresheet
   Knowing the rules
We hope to see you at the clinic.  If this is a success we will plan more clinics and learning sessions as a benefit of membership.

Pickleball Clinic August 31, 2013

By popular demand we are planning a Pickleball Clinic for members of Columbia River Pickleball Club. Steve Paranto will head up the clinic for members only. It will be held at Club Green Meadows on August 31, 2013. The timely lessons will come just four weeks prior to the Pickle Barrel Classic which will also be held at Club Green Meadows September 28-29.

Steve has been an elite level player for many years and is also a student of the game. He will be using other highly skilled players from our club to help with basic to advanced skills that can help all players up their game.

You will be receiving further information about this event very soon, so mark it on your calendar now. Don’t miss out on this chance to hone your skills.

Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe, President
Columbia River Pickleball Club


Pickle Barrel Classic 2013 – August 1st update


The Pickle Barrel Classic 2013 is quickly approaching.  I hope you are all planning to sign-up and also to volunteer to help with the tournament.  The Pickle Barrel Classic will be September 28-29.
To enter go to Pickleballtournaments.com or use this link:  http://pickleballtournaments.com/a_register.pl
First register or sign in.  You will then enter or check your personal info.  Scroll to Pickle Barrel Classic 2013 and follow the registration instructions.  You will be able to pay online using PayPal which also takes any major credit card or if you prefer you can mail a check to our P.O. Box.
If you are looking or waiting for a partner, please register first.  There is a place for partner search where you may find someone or they may find you.
We will need many volunteers to make the tournament run smoothly and be a success.  I hope those who helped last year will want to help again, and we will get some new volunteers.  You may volunteer for specific jobs or areas, or just let us know you can help and we will find a place for you.  This year I am hoping to have several shifts for each position so that you will only work a few hours and everyone will be able to enjoy the tournament.
Below are the areas we may need help.  Please email me if you can help.  We will train you if needed.
Assistant to treasurer
Court preparation
Set up for tables, chairs, electrical, etc.
Event Desk (Computer skills)
Court Desk (Computer skills)
Assistant Event Director – Verifies court assignments, results, etc.
Recorder – physically updates draw sheets
Referee Coordinator
Snacks and Drinks Coordinator
Door Prizes/Raffle
Awards Presentation and Tracking
Vender Set-up and Coordination
Equipment Coordinator
In addition to several shifts for all the above, I am hoping that you will all help by refereeing.  We plan to have some practice refereeing prior to the tournament.  If you have not refereed and do not feel comfortable, please attend a clinic and practice prior to the tournament.
Please notify me by email of which positions you would like to fill.  I thank you all in advance.
Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe, President
Columbia River Pickleball Club