As of 03-05-2012 we have a full list of 42 people.  All communication will be though our website going forward, so please bookmark.

The facility will open at 8am, and would ask you check in by 830am, so that we can begin the blind draw at 845am for each group.

If you have any questions either post a comment below, or email columbiariverpickleballclub@gmail.com.

Alternates can still be submitted to columbiariverpickleballclub@gmail.com

updated 3/23 615pm

Jim Cessna
Marty Butler
Tom Grubb
Mike Wolfe
Randy Bitner
Steve Paranto
Hunter Duvall
Paul Porch
Mark Lasof
David Martinez
Roger Rosenthal
Judy Rosenthal
Connie Anderson
Bob Anderson
Lala Climaco
Bill Watts
R.D. Fisher
Dave McCormick
Mike Horton
Dave Daily
Kathy Rambousek
David Shirley
Anne Britt
Paul Haertel
Paul Harsono
Cory Dopp
Winsome Wong
Po Leung
Bonnie Watts
Gina Hoxie
Bob Ferguson
Tammie Cessna
Chuck Dustin
Gayle Covert
Clay Renolds
Fayne Griffiths
Larry Rambousek
Jim Meservey
Nancy Stone
Tawn Wolfe
Jennifer Helms
Terry Adovnik
John DeJager