A message from Shane Denning in Corvallis.  He organized the April tournament that we all enjoyed.


HI everyone –


I am throwing together a Pickleball Tournament on TUESDAY, JULY 3rd from 10AM – 3PM (Apprx)


Structure of the Tournament will be sign up as an a INDIVIDUAL and then we will MATCH you up with a partner for the whole day.


We will do our best to match people up as even as possible.  We will shoot for 2 or 3 divisions of skill level and try and get 6-8 teams in each level.

* This will be Mixed with Men and Women so there will be some teams of a man and women and many teams with 2 men.


We will do pool play and then lead into bracket play.  All players will be asked to keep score throughout the tourney when you are not on the court.  If anybody can not play but would like to practice keeping score then let me know and we can use you!


Price is $8 Members and $12 Non-Members and we will have AMERICAN DREAM PIZZA and beer/wine/soda for all players at the end of the tourney


I will have sign ups located at the back desk starting tomorrow.  You can call in or stop by to sign up.  Just ask for the Pickleball Tourney sign ups.


Let me know if you have any questions!