The Columbia River Pickleball Club was well represented once again in Corvallis on July 3rd.  Nine players from our club traveled south for a one-day mini-tournament.  Timberhill Athletic Club was the host and did a great job with lots of play for all and pizza with wine, beer or soda to finish the event.  It was random draw within skill categories and a great social event.
CRPC results:
Paul Porch teamed with Jim Shupp to win the A Group
Mike Wolfe and Po Leung placed second in A
RD Fisher also played in A with Geoff Justiss
Mike Hoxie and Connie Anderson placed second in B
Caryn McComas played with Bob Rice in B
Bill Watts teamed with Jerry Erickson to win the C Group
Gina Hoxie played with Lynn Bain placed second in the Women’s Group
Bonnie Watts and Tawn Wolfe were 3rd in Women’s
Paul and Jim, A Winners
Tawn and Bonnie
Tawn and Bonnie