July 19, this Thursday, is the final day to order shirts for the upcoming order.  You can order either gray or the new red (paprika) t-shirts.  On this order there will not be any other style of shirt.  They shirt sizes are from youth small to adult 3XL.  You can also order Long T-shirts (not long-sleeve) from XL to 3XL.  You can order by contacting Tawn Wolfe by email:
We will collect money for the shirts when they are delivered to you after they arrive at the end of July.  Shirts will be no more than $15 or $20 for the long.  The price will come down according to the volume of the total order.  This will most likely be your last chance to order club shirts until next year.
We currently have 2 levels of membership and 3 periods for renewal:
Regular or Elite and 1 year, 3 year, or lifetime.
A regular membership supports club activities and includes you in emails and notifications and attendance and voting rights at all club functions.  It does not include member discounts for club activities such as club sponsored tournaments.
An elite membership includes member discounts.  The first member discount will be at the club sponsored tournament in September which includes a $5 discount for elite and lifetime members of Columbia River Pickleball Club.
Membership fees are:
$10 regular or $25 3-year regular.
$15 elite or $40 3-year elite.
$100 lifetime elite.
July 31 will be the final day to use your current membership fees to upgrade your membership to a higher level.  You will only pay the difference.  If you are not sure which type membership you purchased contact Mike Wolfe at
Columbia River Pickleball is sponsoring another one day Mini-tournament in Beaverton on August 18.  Look for information about entering this tournament on the CRPC web site by midweek:
Come join in the fun at the Fire In The Park event this Saturday at Esther Short Park in Vancouver.  Support our Chile Cook-Off team and all the activities.
mike wolfe 9pm 7/15