Columbia River Pickleball Club made a great showing at Fire In The Park IV.  Our Chili Cook-off booth was excellent with a lot of compliments and great chili.

Sally, Phyllis, Mike, Lou, Bonnie and Bill
Northwest Firefighters Pipe Band Association march in to get things going
Pipe Band near an antique Steam Pumper
Water balloon toss
Firefighter Competition
Chili judges with Faren Ramos coordinator, CRPC president in center
CRPC booth, Bonnie, Lou and Mike working
This was a fun event for all who attended.  Thank you to everyone, and special thanks to Mike Weber, Lou and Phyllis Caplovitz, Bill and Bonnie Watts and Sally Newsom.  They made and sold 10 gallons of great chili while promoting pickleball and raising money for SHARE, Inc.