With 48 confirmed sign ups, we sent out this email below yesterday.


Feel free to come and watch the fun if you are in the area!


Welcome to all participants in the Beaverton Shootout this Saturday.  Below you can see the groups you will be playing with.  We have tried to make the groups as competitive as possible and in doing so we have combined mixed teams with men’s or women’s teams in the same group.  The groups are not necessarily in order by skill level, but we hope teams will be competitive within each group.    Also please read on for more information about how the event is planned.


A-Group (Men’s Doubles)

Mike Wolfe               Paul Porch                   

Glenn Rose                Roy Ford                       

Mark Lasof                  Dave McCormick       

RD Fisher                     Bill Watts                     

Dave Dailey                Steve Iverson             

Marty Butler              Vince Torres               


B-Group (Men’s Doubles)

Ernie Castro               Paul Hoggatt               

Stephane Cohen      Paul Harsono              

Brian Bell                    James Chretian                        

Eric Spletstoser        Jeff Petree                  

Larry Rambousek     John Morey                 

Bob Ferguson            Mike Weber               


C-Group (Mostly Mixed)

Mike Rains                 Mitsu Clark                  

Ron Chang                  Linda Hoggatt             

Bob Anderson           Connie Anderson     

Roger Rosenthal      Judy Rosenthal          

Winsome Wong       Po Leung                      

Kathy Rambousek   Anne Britt                    


D-Group (Mixed Up)

Cora May Johnson   Dee St.Laurent                         

Gina Hoxie                 Bonnie Watts             

Tawn Wolfe               Thia Scher                    

Sue Leung                   Kathleen Brundo      

Bill Spiller                   Jane Spiller                 

Gene Teeters            Michelle Teeters      


*Teams in Bold entered as a team, others are put together



Round Robin play each match one game to 21, win by 1


Top 4 teams seeded into single elimination playoff based on seeding from Round Robin

Playoff matches will be full match of 2 of 3 games to 11, win by 2


Winners of first playoff matches will compete for 1st and 2nd, losers for 3rd and 4th.


Notes:  All teams will play a minimum of 5 games to 21 points in the round robin play.

16 of the 24 teams will play 2 more full matches of 2 out of 3 to 11, win by 2.

The maximum games a team may play is the rough equivalent of 16 games to 11 or 171 points.

All games will be played in our 4 hour allotted timeframe.

Remember to stay hydrated and you may want to bring snacks.

Come early to warm up.  Info meeting at 9:45. 

Play will begin promptly at 10:00 and ALL TEAMS will begin at once (a shotgun start).

All teams will play through with only small rest breaks between matches.


We are planning to go for food, drinks and fun to Sweet Tomatoes at the end of play.  It is close by at 1225 Waterhouse Ave.  Lunch prices ar $8.99 ($8.09 for seniors).  We will try to round up some discount coupons.  We are reserving an area for our group so please sign up with Tawn Wolfe prior to 11 on Saturday if you plan to join the group for lunch.


If you have any questions or comments contact Mike Wolfe 360-335-1333 or Mike Hoxie 503-997-2844.