Columbia River Pickleball Club has great showing in 2013 State Games of Oregon.

The State Games of Oregon which took place at Tualatin Hills Recreation Center on July 13-14 was a great success with many of the most talented pickleball players in the country participating. The event was equivalent to two separate tournaments, age divisions being played on Saturday and skill levels played on Sunday. Competition was intense but friendly. The total event ran smoothly thanks to the great efforts of the tournament staff as well as many volunteers who stepped up and helped referee, post scores, and do whatever was needed.

A total of 151 medals were awarded, 85 in age groups on Saturday and 66 in skill groups on Sunday.

Members of Columbia River Pickleball Club garnered 50 total medals, 21 gold, 18 silver, and 11 bronze.

Congratulations to the Tournament Team of Steve Paranto, Paul Hartel, Jim Cessna, Mike Hoxie and Lala Climaco. Tammy Cessna, Connie Anderson and Judy Rosenthal were also key volunteers in keeping things moving.

Columbia River Medal Winners in first name alphabetical order:
Bill Spiller
Bob Ferguson
Caryn McComas
Che Cui
Chris Barksdale
Chuck Dustin
Dave McCormick
Enrique Ruiz
Glenn Rose
Hunter Duvall
Jim Cessna
Judy Hylton
Kent Campbell
Kurt Wilke
Lala Climaco
Lance Thiede
Linda Conn
Mark Lasof
Mike Hoxie
Mike Wolfe
Noko Lee
Paul Haertel
Paul Porch
Randy Bither
RD Fisher
Ron Simcox
Rosalie Knutsen
Steve Paranto

SKILL Events:

Men’s 5.0 Singles (5 entries)
Gold – Wesley Gabrielsen
Silver – Don Paschal
Bronze – Steve Paranto

Men’s 4.5 Singles (5 entries)
Gold – Marcus Speros
Silver – Kyle Campbell
Bronze – Marty Butler

Men’s Combined 3.5-4.0 Singles (7 entries)
Gold – Chris Powell
Silver – Wesley Upton
Bronze – Dave Dailey

Women’s Combined Singles
Gold – Heather Urwin
Silver – Lala Climaco
Bronze – Celeste Worthy

Men’s Doubles 3.5 (7 entries)
Gold – Clay Reynolds/Chuck Dustin
Silver – Frank Street/Bob Kohlieber
Bronze – Kurt Wilke/Bill Spiller

Men’s Doubles 4.0 (8 entries)
Gold – Dave McCormick/Mark Lasof
Silver – Paul Haertel/Tony Tollenaar
Bronze – RD Fisher/Mike Hoxie

Men’s Doubles 4.5 (9 entries)
Gold – Kurtis Campbell/Kent Campbell
Silver – Paul Porch/Hunter Duvall
Bronze – Marcus Speros/Marty Butler

Men’s Doubles 5.0 (5 entries)
Gold – Enrique Ruiz/Wesley Gabrielsen
Silver – Don Paschal/Glenn Griffin
Bronze – Dan Gabanek/Mark Friedenberg

Women’s Combined 4.0-5.0 (5 entries)
Gold – Christine Barksdale/Che Cui
Silver – Caryn McComas/Cory Jubitz
Bronze – DeAnne Davison /Gigi LeMaster

Women’s Combined 2.5-3.5 Open (8 entries)
Gold – Joyce Torresdal/Sue Leung
Silver – KateTyner/Judy Cave
Bronze – Kim Tollenaar/Dejager

Mixed Doubles 4.0 (7 entries)
Gold – Kate Tyner/Shayne Johnson
Silver – Connie Anderson/Bob Anderson
Bronze – Kim Tollenaar/Tony Tollenaar

Mixed Doubles 4.5 (7 entries)
Gold – Patrick Williams/Emily Williams
Silver – Kent Campbell/Loralee Campbell
Bronze – Lance Thiede/Noko Lee

Mixed Doubles 5.0 (10 entries)
Gold – Glenn Griffin/Gigi LeMaster
Silver – Christine Barksdale/Wes Gabrielsen
Bronze – Dan Gabanek/Trish Graham


Men’s Singles 18+ (6 entries)
Gold – Wesley Gabrielsen
Silver – Glenn Griffin
Bronze – Jay Wilson

Men’s Singles 35+
Gold – Don Paschal
Silver – Jim Cessna
Bronze – Chris Powell

Men’s Singles 50+ (4 entries)
Gold – Steve Paranto
Silver – Dave McCormick
Bronze – Ernie Castro

Men’s Singles 60+ (10 entries)
Gold – Glenn Rose
Silver – Mark Friedenberg
Bronze – Craig Poole

Women’s Singles 35+ (4 entries)
Gold – Anne Britt
Silver – Gigi LeMaster
Bronze – Lala Climaco

Men’s Doubles 18+
Gold – Wesley Gabrielsen/Glenn Griffin
Silver – Chris Miller/Dan Gabanek
Bronze – Don Paschal/Mark Friedenberg

Mixed Doubles 35+ (10 entries)
Gold – Enrique Ruiz/Gigi LeMaster
Silver – Che Cui/Don Paschal
Bronze – Dan Gabanek/Tirsh Graham

Men’s Doubles 50+
Gold – Steve Paranto/Randy Bither
Silver – Paul Porch/Hunter Duvall
Bronze – Mark Lasof/Dave McCormick

Men’s Doubles 60+ (8 entries)
Gold – Troy Horton/Randy Johnson
Silver – Lance Thiede/Glenn Rose
Bronze – Mike Wolfe/Ed Obermeyer

Women’s Doubles 35+ (7 entries)
Gold – Gigi LeMaster/Coolie Drake
Silver – Chris Barksdale/Linda Conn
Bronze – DeAnna Davidson/Lala Climaco

Women’s Doubles 50+ (4 entries)
Gold – Che Cui/Trish Graham
Silver – Julie Chrrington/Kerry Kelly
Bronze – Joyce Torresdal/Sue Leung

Women’s Doubles 60+ (3 entries)
Gold – Judy Cave/Kate Tyner
Silver – Connie Anderson/Judy Rosenthal
Bronze – Nancy Congleton/Rosalie Knutsen

Mixed Doubles 18+
Gold – Christine Barksdale/Wes Gabrielsen
Silver – Glenn Griffin/Cookie Drake
Bronze – Kurtis Campbell/Celeste Worthy

Mixed Doubles 35+ (10 entries)
Gold – Enrique Ruiz/Gigi LeMaster
Silver – Che Cui/Don Paschal
Bronze – Dan Gabanek/Trish Graham

Mixed Doubles 50+ (9 entries)
Gold – Steve Paranto/Lala Climaco
Silver – Tom Barton/Suzanne Colby
Bronze – Dave Dailey/Joyce

Mixed Doubles 60+ (2 entries)
Gold – Lance Thiede/Noko Lee
Silver – Bob Anderson/Connie Anderson
Bronze – Roger Rosenthal/Judy Rosenthal

Mixed Doubles 70+ (2 entries)
Gold – Ron Simcox/Rosalie Knutsen
Silver – Bob Ferguson/Judy Hylton

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