On Saturday, August 31, there will be a Pickleball Clinic at Club Green Meadows, 7703 N.E. 72nd Avenue, Vancouver.  This is free and open to club members only. (Those members who are not also members of Club Green Meadows will have to pay the $5 pickleball drop-in fee.)  
The clinic will begin at 8:00 AM and go for an estimated 2 hours, after which there will be open play.  No sign up is necessary,  just plan to be on the far courts by 8.
The clinic is being directed by Steve Paranto who will have the help of several highly skilled players from our club.  This clinic may help take your game to the next level regardless of your current skills.
Here is a list of topics which may be covered:
   Service technique
   Return of Serve and Ground Strokes
   Volley technique
   Dinking, net play
   Baseline Dink or “3rd Shot”
   Overhead Smash
   Doubles positions
   Keeping opponents back
   How to get to the net
   Strategies-Beginner to Advanced
   How to Referee and keep score
   How to use the scoresheet
   Knowing the rules
We hope to see you at the clinic.  If this is a success we will plan more clinics and learning sessions as a benefit of membership.