(You can view full tournament results by going to either or
http://www.USAPA.ORG) Pictures are attached in the pdf file

Washington State Senior Games
This tournament was held in Lakewood, WA, July 27-28, 2013. Columbia River Pickleball Club members garnered 27 of the 98 total medals, 19 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

Women’s Singles:
Lala Climaco 2nd in 55-59

Women’s Doubles:
Laurel Merca and Lala Climaco 1st 50-54
Mitsu Clark and Noko Lee 1st 60-64

Men’s Singles:
Steve Paranto 2nd 55-59
Mike Wolfe 1st 65-69
Ron Simcox 1st 75-59

Men’s Doubles:
Randy Bither and Steve Paranto 1st 55-59
Paul Porch and Hunter Duvall 3rd 55-59
Mike Wolfe and Lance Thiede 1st 65-69
Ron Stimcox and Bob Ferguson 2nd 70-74

Mixed Doubles:
Tom Grubb and Laurel Merca 1st 50-54
Steve Paranto and Lala Climaco 1st 55-59
Mike Wolfe and Mitsu Clark 1st 60-64
Paul Porch and Sam Minkoff 3rd 60-64
Lance Thiede and Noko Lee 1st 65-69
Ron Simcox and Rosalie Knutsen 1st 75-79



Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament – August 2-4, 2013

Women’s Singles:
Kim Tollenaar 3rd 3.5
Chris Barksdale 1st 5.0

Women’s Doubles:
Lala Climaco and Priscilla Scott 1st 4.0
Christine Barksdale and Kimberly Bennett 1st 5.0

Men’s Singles:
Vince Torres 2nd 3.5
Tony Tollenaar 1st 4.5
Enrique Ruiz 2nd 5.0
Steve Paranto 3rd 5.0

Men’s Doubles:
Kurtis Campbell and Kent Campbell 1st 4.5
Mike Wolfe and AJ Fraties 3rd 4.5
Enrique Ruiz and Justin Rogers 1st 5.0
Steve Paranto and Wes Gabrielson 2nd 5.0
Jim Cessna and Tony Tollenaar 3rd 5.0

Mixed Doubles:
Mike Wolfe and Mary Ortman 2nd 4.5
Christine Barksdale and Wes Gabrielson 1st 5.0
Enrique Ruiz and Gigi LeMaster 2nd 5.0


Rally In The Valley – Albany, OR – August 16-18, 2013

Women’s Singles:
Lala Climaco 2nd 4.5

Women’s Doubles:
Rosalie Knutsen and Rey Wanamaker 3rd 3.0
Chris Barksdale and Chiho Cronk 2nd 5.0
Caryn McComas and Cookie Drake 3rd 5.0

Men’s Singles:
Dave McCormick 1st 4.0Steve Paranto 2nd 5.0
Tony Tollenaar 3rd 5.0

Men’s Doubles:
Kent Campbell and Kurtis Campbell 3rd 4.5
Steve Paranto and Wes Gabrielson 1st 5.0
Tony Tollenaar and Mike Rains 2nd 5.0

Mixed Doubles:
Tangi Garcia and John Morey 1st 3.0
Carl Tuttle and Karen Bolton 2nd 3.0
Kim Tollenaar and Tony Tollenaar 3rd 4.5
Chris Barksdale and Wes Gabrielson 1st 5.0
Enrique Ruiz and Cookie Drake 2nd 5.0
Paul Porch and Hoagie Hoggatt 3rd 5.0