The Pickleball Clinic held at Club Green Meadows today was a huge success. Kudos to Steve Paranto and all his helpers for a job well done.

The clinic was attended by approximately 60 players to which Steve and company demonstrated basic pickleball skills and then allowed all participants to practice those skills. He followed up with some simple drills to improve basic skills.

Club members came from near and far. Sally Newsom and Sonny Jones rode their BMW motorcycle over 400 miles from Eureka, California to attend the clinic. They have started a pickleball group in their area and are taking back information to help improve skills.

Special thanks to Steve’s able assistant, Lala Climaco, who helped with organizing the event. Thank you also to Randy Bither, Jim Cessna, Paul Porch and Dave McCormick, very high level players who demonstrated their superb skills to the group.

Columbia River Pickleball Club hopes to have many more clinics. They will likely be on a smaller scale and will take place at various venues. These smaller events will be published on the web site and also announced by email.

Thank you to all the attendees. If you have not yet entered the upcoming Pickle Barrel Classic, get it done. Remember this tournament caters to the beginner player as well as the advanced. It may be the best tournament possible for entry level players. We guarantee a good time or you will get a full refund on request. The more entry level players we have the better the competition for those players.

To enter the Pickle Barrel Classic 2013: Look for the club logo. If you have any questions or problems contact Mike Wolfe: 360-335-1333
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