2013 Membership Renewal Information

Dear Member of Columbia River Pickleball Club,

August 1 is the renewal date for all memberships in the renewal year. The year varies dependent on the type of membership. This August marks our first renewal year and we are offering a one-time chance to upgrade to either a 3-year membership or a lifetime membership by only paying the difference for the upgrade.

Examples: A one year membership can upgrade to 3-years, which gives them an additional 2 years, by paying only $25, the difference between the one-year and the 3-year.

A three-year membership (originally $40) can be upgraded to lifetime by paying the $60 difference of a lifetime membership.

A one-year member can upgrade to lifetime for $85.

Those members whose membership is coming due and only want to extend for one more year can do so for the $15 yearly membership fee.

To extend for 3 years you can pay $40.

PayPal is now available! click here to pay online

Membership renewals and upgrades can be paid by check to Columbia River Pickleball Club (CRPC).

If paying by check mail to Columbia River Pickleball Club, P.O. Box 1324, Washougal, WA 98671.

If you are not sure of your expiration date, please see this next attachment.
2013 renewl list

If you need a replacement membership card please email wolfemike@aol.com


1 thought on “2013 Membership Renewal Information”

  1. I would like to build a pickleball court on my rural property near Forest Grove. I contacted Time Sonnen at Homecourt but after an initial visit he has been unresponsive for the past three months. Does anyone have any other recommendations for court construction?

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