Mission Statement

The mission of the CRPC is to promote the development and growth of Pickleball in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, area.

Where does the money go?

In the short term the monies raised by the CRPC will be kept safely in an account held by the CRPC and administered by the CRPC treasurer under the direction of the CRPC Board of Directors.  The accounting records can be seen by any CRPC member in good standing at his/her written request.

To date the only expenditures have been administrative and start-up fees.  These include filing as a non-profit corporation in Washington State and the purchase of flyers to promote the first tournament being administered by the CRPC.  We will also be paying a sanctioning fee for the tournament and there will be other expenses related to the tournament such as tournament shirts, rental fees for the sports venue, awards, etc.

There will also be office supply expenses, although they have all been donated to date.

Future expenses:  Part of promoting pickleball in our area will include future tournaments.  We hope to make some profit from said tournaments, but there are up front expenses.  Money held by the CRPC will be used to promote such tournaments and profits will go back into the CRPC.  The funds held by CRPC can be used to accomplish our goals.  At times some funds may also be used for social functions with the  purpose of promoting pickleball.

Goals of CRPC:  These goals are all in support of the Mission Statement.  They can be broken down into short term, medium term and long term.

Short term:  Create a unified voice for pickleball in the greater Portland/Vancouver area.  This goal is being accomplished by creating the Columbia River Pickleball Club and the networking created by the club.

Medium term:  Identifying sites where pickleball can be played and, if necessary, helping to develop these sites.

Being a voice for pickleball to private and government entities which are in a position to develop pickleball programs.  This may included City Councils, Parks and Recreation Departments, Schools and Churches.

Club membership

Buying and maintaining equipment that can be used for everyday play as well us used for demos, classes and other promotions of pickleball.

Long Term:  The development and financing of a centralized dedicated facility for both pickleball play and pickleball instruction.

NOTE:  The CRPC bank account was started with a $150 anonymous donation.  We also have four portable nets which have been donated to our club.  They can be checked out and used when needed to promote our goals.  Other equipment may be purchased from time to time by the CRPC to be used in support of the Mission Statement.


application updated 11/27/2012


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