Where to play Pickleball in the greater Portland Area

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19 thoughts on “Where to play Pickleball in the greater Portland Area”

  1. Demetri Macrigeanis said:

    I have never played the game and want to get involved! How do I learn and how do I start to particapate?

  2. I have played for 10 years in southern Oregon, but cannot seem to find any groups in Clackamas area. Any ideas

    • Mathew Larson said:

      Dave, have you found any Clackamas area places to play? I live in Clackamas.

      • mikehoxie said:

        I haven’t heard of a consistent group of players in clackamas yet. Memorial park in wilsonville just built two dedicated courts. Tualatin has the most established groups of players.

  3. Mathew Larson said:

    I live in Clackamas. Just played my first game and learned about the game this past weekend. I’m hoping Dave, Mike, or anyone else can lead me in a direction of places to play that aren’t listed on this site. I also work in Sandy, OR and have time Mon-Fri to play as well. Any ideas?

    • Are these groups still playing?? Would love to learn, live on the west side..Any suggestions?

      • Come check out our new website columbiariverpickleball.com for the most recently updated place to play.

        I usually recommend people start with a drop in visit to either the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation HMT Athletic Center OR Eastmoreland for the winter. Both Tualatin and Wilsonville have good beginner support…when spring and summer arrive for outdoor play.

  4. Any pickelball courts in north portland, delta park area?

    • mikehoxie said:

      We have not heard of anything in the city aside from eastmoreland. Most players go up to Vancouver of come down to Tualatin.

  5. kathleen strong said:

    I am in the Portland area for 6 weeks and am looking to play pickle ball.

  6. I would like to take private pickleball lessons to get a good feel of the game. I would prefer in indoor facility in the Portland/Metro area during the winter. I live in Hillsboro

  7. Debra Martin said:

    Looking for some pickleball courts in the Portland area

  8. Skip & Sussy Beck said:

    We live in Portland part time. We really enjoy Pickleball. We would like to find a place to play, hopefully near the Jantzen Beach area.

    • Hi Skip and Sussy-
      We have moved over to our new website that does list places to places all over the metro area… Columbiariverpickleball.com

      Your closest places to play from Jantzen Beach might be in Vancouver at Club Green Meadows or Firstenburg. Both Tualatin and Eastmoreland are options in the Oregon area that are about the same distance.

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